Turnaround30: Rapid Stabilisation of a Business in Trouble

Five Focus Areas
In Turnaround30 there are 5 areas within your business on which you can focus your attention.
Your options are to:
• Focus attention on all areas but your progress will likely be slow as you spend time on unimportant things to the detriment of the important.
• Choose to focus on the ones that seem to be the reason why you are experiencing problems.
• Focus on the ones which are the easiest to turnaround.
• Remember, speed is your goal here. Focus on things that you can change in a short time frame.
• Come back and revisit any that remain.
Turnaround30 will go into great detail on how to Increase, Decrease and Improve these five areas for YOUR business.
The areas focused on will be dependent on the outcome of your Troubled Business Diagnosis carried out at the beginning of the Campaign.

The Turnaround30 Campaign comprises:

  1. A TrendBoard and ChangeBoard analysis as a diagnostic, including a 1 hour meeting preparation time and 1 hour Person-to-person time to see if it is worth progressing further with the Turnaround30 campaign.
    If not, all your fees, excluding the $990 fee for the TrendBoard, will be refunded.
  2. A self-paced progress planning tool and course materials outlining potential recovery options, including the Skills Module - SM6: Profit Autopilot.
  3. Two, 1 hour, additional person-to-person sessions about mid-term and at the end.
  4. Additional person-to-person sessions can be purchased at the standard hourly support rate ($300 per hour or part thereof) for either face-to-face or preparation time.
  5. Free Help Desk assistance of a general nature.
Duration: Lifetime
Price: $1,990.00