Theory of Constraints Optimisation

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) is an important optimising technique that focuses on improving the throughput of work at the (usually) single bottleneck or constraint in the workflow.
This Skills Module draws together a number of the 12Faces articles on the subject.

One research project demonstrated that 89% of improvement in a manufacturing business came from the application of TOC.
There is usually very few, and often just one, thing that causes a logjam in your business.

This is true of many types of business (Retail and Service); not just manufacturers of products.

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TOC needs to become an ingrained habit so that you are always looking for the opportunities to dramatically improve your businesses throughput.

For more background information to this Skills Module go to:
SM5.0 Theory of Constraints (TOC) Find and Remove Bottleneck

The Skills Module is divided into a the following articles:

SM5.1 When a Bottleneck is Good - Theory of Constraints (TOC)
SM5.2 Theory of Constraints (TOC) - Retail
SM5.3 TOC to Optimise Your Sales Funnel
SM5.4 TOC Drum, Buffer, Rope Optimisation Technique
SM5.5 Demand Driven Materials Requirement Planning (DDMRP) 

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