Subscription Categories

Campaigns ( 2 Plans )

12Faces has several multi-month Campaigns which help business leaders to sustainably grow their business towards their own measure of success.  Campaigns focus on the lifecycle stage of the business and are designed to prepare the business and its leader for the next lifecycle stage.

Skills Modules ( 6 Plans )

12Faces Skill's Modules are designed to cover a particular topic of interest while advancing the business.  An example might be "Improving Cashflow".  Skills are designed as 1 month "Sprints" with a workload designed to be achievable by a busy business leader and team in one month.  Leaders pick from the range on offer to address the most pressing Growth Factor holding back their business.  Skill's Modules are colour coded like martial arts belts.  All leaders start at "white belt" level.  They move through yellow then blue then black in our system.  Like any martial artist, you start with the lower belts and master them before moving on.  Every business leader progressed their career and business with this sort of incremental learning.

Leaders Briefs ( 4 Plans )

All leaders will be called on from time to time to make decisions in areas that they are not very familiar with.  It is part of the territory of being a business leader.  12Faces Leader's Briefings are briefing notes or 'need to know' crib sheets so that you better understand the questions to ask and the things to look for in an area where you are a relative novice.  They will better able you to make informed decisions in areas you are not very familiar with and help you from being mislead by so-called specialists in the areas in question.