COVID Recovery Program

Many otherwise healthy businesses are ramping up after COVID
We would like to help!

12Faces donates its profits to educational charities so we are not too focused on maximizing our profits; for ourselves.

As a contribution to getting business firing on all cylinders again we have a scholarship offering;

  • Pay 1/2 list price for the first 3 months
  • Use only what services you want
  • 100% money back if not satisfied
  • No Obligation to continue after 3 months

Conditions apply to the businesses eligible to apply:

  • small to medium businesses with $500k or more in turnover and 5 or more staff
  • willing to invest a couple of hours a week over several months to identify the structural weaknesses in your business and then fix them; en-route to boosting profits
  • understand that we offer a boutique advisory service tailored to your business.  Effectively, we are like a part-time virtual CFO on your staff. 
  • vacancies are limited and can close at any time
  • for now, only applies to Australian businesses

Email us on telling us about your business and our services you would like to use

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