How to choose the best Marketing Channels for your Business

Here are some questions to ask that will help you zero in on the traffic strategy that might make the most sense for you: Asking these questions may help narrow your focus, but remember, your traffic strategy needs to work in tandem with your conversion mechanismYellow Belt

Remember, you only need ONE effective, repeatable conversion mechanism to create a thriving business:

• What are your strengths?
• Are you a great writer? Or are you more comfortable on video?
• What other strengths do you have that might lend themselves to a certain strategy?
• What are your resources?
• Do you have more money or time?
• Or do you have neither and you need to bootstrap it?
• Who is your audience? • Where do they hang out? • What do they like to consume?
• What are their demographics and personality profiles?
• Where does this mean you can probably find them?
• How do they like to make purchases?
• How much time do they typically take before making a decision?
• How big is your potential market?
• Will this market grow or shrink in the future?
• What is your topic?
• Are there certain places where your topic would be more welcome than others?
• What traffic strategies have worked well for others in your niche?
• What creative new techniques could you use to stand out or play in a less crowded market?
• Should you adopt a well-worn strategy or branch out and do something that no one has done before?
• How much money will each strategy cost you until it starts working?
• Is there one strategy that provides the biggest return for the least amount of effort?
• Are there any rules or regulations that restrict the way you advertise your services?
• Are there any unforeseen consequences in the long-term with a particular strategy?
• What actions are and are not in the 80/20 for you?
• Which strategies will enhance the persuasiveness of your content?


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