How to do Change Management for Profit

Most people don't like change!  As a business owner/manager, you probably have a much higher tolerance for the uncertainty of change than other staff.  On the other hand, you can't change much just by yourself.  And changes you do implement have a disconcerting tendency to revert back to the old method as soon as you focus on something else.  Under this topic in our 12Faces Toolkit, we collect references to many change management techniques that will help you with your implementation.  Yellow belt

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The process of managing change in a business is a huge topic and you can quickly get bogged down in detail trying to make sense of it.

To  streamline your search for how to solve problems, we have listed a number of typical problems and made some suggestions on how to begin to resolve them  

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Doing too much at once

  • Trying to do everything at once can lead to multitasking which is a huge productivity waster.
  • Only a few things deserve your primary focus.

Trying to improve the productivity of everything

  • Separate the important things from the less important and focus on them by applying the 80/20 Rule.
  • Trying to optimise everything can be very expensive and unproductive.  Read about the problems of local optima

How to Manage Workload

  • Experience in e.g the IT industry, has shown presenting too many tasks to staff rapidly reduces their efficiency. The solutions have many names but they are all essentially some form of Kanban
  • No-one can do everything at once.  Much better to use a process of continuous improvement to move as quickly as possible down the chose route.  This ongoing process is known as Kaizen in Japanese business improvement which is now adopted worldwide.

Getting your Own House in Order

As the main mover in your business, you may have to invest some time into lifting you own game before you start expecting improvement from others.

Other Resources

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