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Free tool shows impact of change on business; instantly!
Use this free Business Modelling Tool to see the impact of (e.g.);
percentage change in price
change in sales revenue
change in staff numbers
change in Accounts Payable and Receivable and the impact on cash flow
impact of changes on profitability
change on business selling price
what revenue do you need to earn a desired profit?

Backstop's ChangeBoard is a business modelling tool bundled up with several Backstop products.

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 What other resources are available?

It is one thing to know what to fix and another thing entirely to know how to fix it!
We can help with that

We know there are many demands on your time so fitting in yet another task is asking a lot.
We have been there ourselves.

We have developed micro- Leaders Briefings and Skills Modules that each cover just one topic.  Each topic is designed to be implemented by you in less than a month.  That means you focus all your attention on what you consider most important and make big inroads in just a month.
Then you can move on to the next.
In one year, you will have improved the 12 most important aspects of your business.

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