Revenue is the life blood of any business.  So it gets a lot of attention from 12Faces. There are four main levers you can pull to support and grow your revenue.  12Faces has collected need-to-know materials on these main levers to get you started on getting the revenue you need for a Sustainable Business Success.

All businesses have a production or operations element that covers how the goods and services they market are managed.  Any improvement here goes straight to profit. 12Faces has a host of helpful ideas.

Good systems make running a business much easier.  The amount of work can be reduced and it can often be done by more junior staff following "the system".  Also, a good "system" can dramatically reduce mistakes because staff follow a well tested formula.   12Faces has collected our advice on systems under this heading.

People, as staff, managers and customers, are a vital asset for a business.  They also tend to be one of the most perplexing aspects of a business to manage.  12Faces has tools to improve your people management skills.  That is another step to your goal of building Sustainable Business Success.

Managing the cashflow and other financial aspects of a business is mission-critical.  Many think it is is a bit of a 'black art' but it need not be.  12Faces helps to construct ' best practices' for managing your businesses' finances.

Business leaders need a 'toolkit' of skills to help with problem solving and decision making when there are many alternatives and unknowns.  12Faces provides you with those skills here.

Every business leader needs to learn how to manage time and stress. 12Faces gives you practical advice based on experience.

Every business leader must take control of the design and implementation of the planning process for their business.  12Faces offers valuable insight into both the creation of business plans and their execution.

Every business has a workflow.  Orders come in the front door and require processing to turn them into a finished product.  The efficiency of this workflow is a major determinant of the sustainable success of your business.  12Faces has assembled materials in this group to help with your understanding of the mechanics of improving workflow.

Many business leaders are technically skilled but are not as experienced with leading the staff in the business.  But, your leadership is essential.  You are the main leadership asset in your business.  It will not thrive without you.  There is a saying "the fish rots from the head".  This means if you are not a good leader, no one else will be as effective as they could be.  12Faces has collected materials here that will will help you become a better leader.  In turn, this improves the Sustainable Business Success opportunity for your business.

Learn how to make the best use of the Profit Savvy by taking a minute to read how it is structured.

12Faces has assembled our most popular resources into training packages to allow you to improve your business in a particular focus area.   There are subscription fees for these training resources.  They are grouped into;

  • Campaigns: multi month campaigns to improve your business.  Examples include T30:  Turnaround for Troubled Business, O100: Optimize a business ready for growth
  • Skill Modules: are designed as a month-long sprint training for a busy business leader wanting to better understand a specific skill.  Examples include, Cashflow, The power of the 80/20 Rule
  • Leaders Briefings: short trainings to either;
    • background briefing on a topic you need to have a general understanding of and especially when discussing with an outside provider or
    • give you a general understanding of a 12Faces topic quickly.  You can later decide if you want to learn more with a longer training module

Take advantage of decades of experience among the 12Faces team. And, tap into the teachings of the world's best business brains distilled from their writings by 12Faces.  You get the best of the best without having to do vast amounts of reading. Learn more about each product and service 12Faces offers.

The 12Faces principal focus is demonstrating Pathways to Profit that are structured to guide you through steps that you can take to improve your profit as quickly as possible.

There are many ways to profit and many different types of business so there are many paths to profit.

But many of the principals remain the same:

  1. focus on the few comparatively important contributors to your profit
  2. improve them as quickly as possible to optimise your profit making as the first pass then
  3. open up the throttle to expand your business and have a second pass at further increasing your profits.

Start with the articles here to begin your road to increased profits.


There are three major "Profit Levers" you and pull to grow your business; Sales & Marketing, Production and Distribution.  There are several "Support" functions that help with this but don't generate income themselves; e.g. HR, Planning and Performance Tracking.  Profit Savvy distills business wisdom from many sources. It's presented here in an easily digestible format.  Our goal is to enable any business to grow as quickly as possible.

Just like a hammer is used repeatedly in different areas of construction, you will use these powerful Profit Savvy tools time after time in all aspects of your business. We call these your "tool kit"  We cover all sorts of optimization techniques that you will use frequently throughout your business. 

A sample of the materials available in 12Faces

Accelerator is the group of strategy bundles with prefab strategies as a starting point for medium sized small business strategy development.

These are the entry points to Profit Savvy from AdWord or similar and should be very rich in focused marketing content and Calls to Action.

Profit Savvy helps you drill-down to pin point the information you are looking for right now.  We do this via a series on menus that list options; just like a restaurant menu.

Materials used in the registered menu 

This group of resources provides more background on 12Faces and how we operate.  if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us on