Simple Free Online Business Plan Template

The Most Successful Small Businesses have a Plan

But Business Plans are time consuming to put together
Our online template lets you quickly build an easily updated Plan

Its level of detail grows along with your experience and your business so it's never outdated

There are a host of factors like: Sales, IT and Production that have to be juggled in any successful business.
When you start out, your business probably looks like a Rubik's Cube: a hodgepodge of key business drivers at differing levels of sophistication and evolution

Rubik random

The 12Faces ScoreBoard quickly identifies the current condition of each of these key factors then, just as quickly, guides you to identify those that need your attention first.

The whole process of building your first Business Plan takes less than an hour and is based just on your 'gut feel' for your business.

Then your "Rubik's Cube" looks like this

Rubik solved

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ScoreBoard is part of the 12Faces Business Planning Ecosystem

TrendBoard Business Health Tool

You have to do accounts for tax and compliance purposes.
You probably think this is just an expense you have to live with. 
Did you know there is a vast amount of additional valuable information
hidden in your normal accounting reports?

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Profit Accelerator's Campaigns

Once you have a direction worked out, 12Faces will provide you with pre-packed Profit Accelerator Strategy Campaigns for each of the major life-stages of a small business;
Get out of Trouble, Optimise, Grow, Innovate and Exit.

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Focused Business Micro Skill Packages

Every thing you need to know about running your business is available free on the web
The problem is that you'll drown in the enormous volume of "stuff" available

We have been there and had that problem

We have developed bundles of materials addressing just the remedial skills you need to address just the problems identified in your ScoreBoard Business Planning Temple that are holding your business back.

  • These are available on demand.
  • Designed to be implemented in under a month.
  • You fix the weak points in your business very quickly.

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Best of all, the ScoreBoard Business Strategy Templates are available free as part of other business improvement bundles 12Faces offers.

Just like an orchestra's conductor, ScoreBoard spots your business' weaknesses and helps you get all the parts moving together to make beautiful (business) music together.

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