C4.0 Introduction to Turnaround30

Is Your Business Enterprise Experiencing Financially Tough Times?

Many businesses, both large and small, for profit and not for profit, hit tough times and often don't survive.

If you are experiencing tough times, this introductory article will assist you with a quick troubled business diagnosis.

This introductory article is designed as a lead into the Turnaround30 (T30): Rapid Stabilisation of a Business in Trouble Campaign

The course examines methods of (1) Rapidly stabilising your business and then (2) Turning around, a business that is experiencing a tough patch.  
It is designed to carry out within a 30 day period of intense activity. The turnaround will happen as quickly as possible. 

Turnaround30 is a yellow belt Campaign.

Course Goals

  • Achieve a rapid turnaround of a difficult financial state in your business.
  • By choosing the suggestions that are most suited to your business and then
  • Move quickly - speed is of the essence to prevent further decline in the business.

The 30 day period will empower your team with the idea that rapid activity and rapid results are possible.
A team can work more actively than normal in a "sprint" for 30 days if they know that there is a goal/target/destination at the end of that 30 days.

In this case, it is survival.

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Five Focus Areas

In Turnaround30 there are 5 areas within your business on which you can focus your attention.

Your options are to:

  • Focus attention on all areas but your progress will likely be slow as you spend time on unimportant things to the detriment of the important.
  • Choose to focus on the ones that seem to be the reason why you are experiencing problems.
  • Focus on the ones which are the easiest to turnaround.
  • Remember, speed is your goal here. Focus on things that you can in a short time frame.
  • Come back and revisit any that remain.

Turnaround30 will go into great detail on how to Increase, Decrease and Improve these five areas for YOUR business.
The areas focused on will be dependent on the outcome of your Troubled Business Diagnosis.

Can your business afford not to complete the Turnaround30 course?

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Solutions to work through for your particular problem/s that have been highlighted with the Diagnosis.

You will be very surprised to see how little things need to change for you to
Turnaround Your Financially Troubled Business

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