Profits Falling? Find Why and Fix

Is this true of your business?

  • Profits are falling!!
  • Changes in Revenue, Operating Costs and Overheads aren't making sense for a falling Profit
  • It's impossible to work out just what is causing the Profit drop
  • Even if I could, the solutions are not clear
  • AND it's impossible to know how any changes will impact my Profit
  • It's all a bit overwhelming but something needs to be done

Our Find and Stop Falling Profit Diagnostic is a simple three step process:

  1. Find clear reasons for your declining Profits. 
  2. Improve profits by strengthening weak aspects of your business - Diagnostic suggests solutions.
  3. Predicts how much your Profit will improve with any set of changes you think you can introduce. 
    You know in advance what is likely to have the greatest positive improvement on turning around Your falling profits.

All this is available for just $190
And 100% Money Back Guarantee

fix falling profits diagnostic subscription

Special Version for Bookkeepers and Accountants



The overall goal is to remove falling Profits and stabilise your Profit level

From there you can either: 

  • Run the business in its newly profitable state or
  • Let us show you how to begin to grow your business with a goal of increasing Profits.  

Fixing your falling Profit with this tool is a straightforward process based mainly on a question and answer approach.  All you need in advance is access to two sets of your Profit & Loss Accounts. 
One before the falling Profit began and a current one showing the decrease in your Profit margin.   

The Find and Stop Falling Profit Diagnostic is a self-paced action module designed to be used by anyone; even those whose strength is not accounting.

The first pass typically takes less than an hour to arrive at a clear understanding of what levers you need to pull, in your business, to turnaround falling Profit margins.

 Here is what you get with the Find and Stop Falling Profit Diagnostic:

  • A fact-driven analysis of your actual Profit & Loss data
  • A simple series of multiple choice questions that take you down the paths that are the most likely reasons for your fall in Profit margin
  • Suggestions on solutions to the likely problems that are designed for easy and rapid implementation
  • A process for prioritising the suggested remedies so you do the most impactful first
  • An estimation of the improvement to your projected profitability
  • Access to additional person to person 12Faces coaching (at an additional hourly rate) is available. 
    Note: this Diagnostic is designed to be DIY but feel free to use your accountant or bookkeeper if you wish
  • AND, if you are not entirely happy, there is a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  But we will ask your advice on how we can improve the Diagnostic for future users.

All this is available for just $190

fix falling profits diagnostic subscription

If you would like to know more before purchasing our solution to finding and fixing the reasons for your falling profit email us with your questions

Special Version for Bookkeepers and Accountants


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