Optimise for Growth with Optimise100 Campaign

First Step Toward Sustainable Growth

Follow the steps below to commence your 100 day journey
stripping off your business' "barnacles" that will slow down sustainable growth

Why this Campaign?

Over time, your business will have accumulated wasteful habits, pricing and costs that will act as a drag on its profitability; just like barnacles slow down a boat!
Your goal is Sustainable Business Growth so it makes perfect sense to scrape off these "barnacles" rather than waste time and money dragging them forward.
Then you can be really serious about growth with your newly streamlined business.
O100 is your tool for optimising to get rid of any accumulated waste.

Included in the Optimise100 Campaign:

Recommended Prerequisite:
We encourage Clients to have a recent TrendBoard run as a diagnostic of their present financial situation.
If you do not have one, we strongly recommend that you do.
The TrendBoard fee is in addition to the Campaign fee below.
Go to the signup page: TrendBoard Signup
Read more about the TrendBoard and download the Business Secrets Case Study
Go to the: TrendBoard Business Health Tool

The Optimise100 Campaign comprises:

  1. A planning tool and savings estimator: this outlines the components of your business that will benefit greatly from Optimisation.
  2. Access to three, self-paced learning, Skill Modules of your choice, included in the fee.  Additional Skill Modules can be purchased at $200 each.
  3. A 1 hour person-to-person session at the start of each month and a wrap up session at the end (4 sessions in total).
    Additional person-to-person sessions can be purchased for $300 per hour or part thereof.
  4. Free Help Desk assistance of a general nature.

The fee for the Optimise100 Campaign containing:
Self-paced planning materials, 3 self-paced learning Skill Modules of your choice and 4 separate, 1 hour long, person-to-person progress review sessions
is $2,490, payable in advance



 For more information; contact us

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Once payment has been received, and we have set you up, you will receive an email with:

  • Login details for the Campaign 
  • Access to the Planning Tool and Savings Estimator
  • Details to organise your first person-to-person session

We are excited to assist with Optimising your business. Enjoy the journey.

 Our advice is general in nature because we don't know the specifics of your business.  For specific advice, always consult a professional